• Gold plating services
    This is actually the art of covering a surface having a thin layer of gold, the information to become covered is usually silver or copper, to achieve this electrochemical or chemical means can be used. There are numerous techniques that enable you to achieve plating; I am going to come up with many of the modern-day techniques that would be used in the electronics industry:

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    Pure Plating (Soft) - This technique is usually utilized in the semiconductor industry. The gold layer is wire bonded and simply soldered. The hardness ranges which range from 60-86, contamination cannot be aloud to occur on the plating baths, they have to stay totally free of it.

    Pure Gold (Soft) - Special electrolytes are what deposit the soft pure gold; this can be ideal for plating entire circuit boards

    Bright Hard Gold on Contacts - It is a purity of between 99.7 and 99.Nine percent having a hardness rating of 120 - 300, this method is not used for semiconductors as the plating usually contains traces of cobalt and nickel, these substances hinder the die bonding process.

    It is not only the electronics industry which uses gold plating; the most common uses for it does not take plating of bijou. This process allows a silver coloured material seem like it can be gold; it coats the surface with a layer of gold that's extremely effective in not only appearance but it is also less costly compared to genuine article.

    There are lots of companies online offering Gold Plating.

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